Cameron + Danielle's "UP" Inspired Love Story | Tucson, AZ

Cameron + Danielle are two of the most adorable people you'll ever meet, and when you put them together, they're just unstoppable! They love to travel, they love Disneyland, and the first gift he ever gave her he floated in the middle of the room with a ton of balloons. (Did I mention they're crazy adorable?!)

We took what they love along with some of the important moments in their relationship and the ideas for a conceptual photoshoot started coming together. We decided to draw inspiration from the most amazing love story ever told -- you know, that montage scene from "Up" where Carl and Ellie fall in love, and your heart explodes? -- yeah, that one. Cue massive amounts of tears. It was perfect.

Cameron + Danielle are basically the real life version of Carl and Ellie, and we love their love. Here's a little glimpse of their story...

Cameron + Danielle's "UP" Inspired Love Story Photo Session  |  Julie DeMarre Photography